How To Win A Guy In 10 Ways

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shot on location at BALAY INDANG during our wedding in 2015 aka #AllYouNeedIsLove2015

In celebration of International Women’s Day last March 8, I’ve put together a list on how to win a man’s heart because, as society dictates, getting a man is the ultimate goal in life of every woman. 😋

  1. Do not introduce yourself. Instead, invade his work area the first time you meet and tinker with his things, especially if he were OC.
  2. Praise him. When he shares with you that he put up a business to keep his mind off his failed long-term relationship, say: “Ang galing mo. Buti hindi ka nag drugs, no? (How strong of you. Good thing you didn’t do drugs?).”
  3. Be yourself. The first time he introduces you to his family, do not think of the impression you’ll make—laugh hard, speak your mind, and always bring a cake during birthdays (so you’re sure you have something to eat 😂).
  4. Do not tolerate his vices. If he were smoking, make him feel guilty of his bad habit. Ask him: “What if lahat ng naninigarilyo ay nagtatapon ng upos sa daan, imagine-in mo na lang gaano kadami ang dumi sa mundo? (What if all smokers threw their cigarette butts on the road, imagine how dirty the world would become?)”
  5. Speak the truth. When he brings up marriage, be honest and tell him: “Hindi kita pakakasalan hangga’t hindi ka tumitigil mag yosi (I will not marry you until you stop smoking).” Who wants to sleep beside someone who reeks of cigarette?
  6. Do not play Damsel in Distress. If you trip down the stairs, laugh at yourself. Plus points if he laughs at you, too, and he doesn’t need to help you because you can stand up on your own.
  7. Eat to your heart’s content. Just salad? Hell no! Order that appetizer (“roti with hummus, please”), main course (“they have the best curry here!”), and dessert (“I’ll have the cake, what about you?”). When the bill arrives, offer to split it, but if he insists on paying for everything every time—he’s a keeper.
  8. Do not visit him. Only do so when he is sick or if it were his birthday. That way he will cherish and remember for life (haha!) every time you make the effort to go to him—bigger points if you don’t drive (like me!).
  9. Appreciate his gifts. But always look for the note cards—those should be the first you notice. If he forgets to put one, grill him: “Where’s the card? You didn’t write one? You can still write one.” Take a photo of each card and save in your phone memory. You’ll always have something nice to read, no matter how bad your day is (I really wanted to use the six-letter word that starts with ‘s’ and ends with ‘y.’ 😂).
  10. Love him. In all the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Love his kind heart despite his short temper. Relish his affection even if sometimes he can be easily disheartened. You don’t have to fully understand him—you just have to love him. The same way he loves you in all your weirdness and stubbornness.

The above tips, though they worked for me, are not fool-proof, so please do not come back to tell me they didn’t work for you. If you have other weird tips on how to win someone (whether for love or otherwise), feel free to share them below, send me a message on Instagram, or email me at Looking forward to what you have to say!

PS: If you believe in following a certain list in ensuring success for your relationships (or life goals, in general), you better re-assess yourself and how you live your life. Just sayin’.

PPS: March is our “Love Month” because it is the month when the #architecthusband and I got married back in 2015. So, please bear with me if I share a lot of cringeworthy/ cheesy posts for the whole month. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😄


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  1. This was comical!! Great humor in your writing and happy love month to you and your hubs!

    1. Abbie says:

      Haha! Thank you, Saphia! Glad you were entertained. Credit goes to the husband, too, for being game. 😂 thanks again! 😍

  2. Jezza Damian says:

    You won our hearts with your cakes… Kidding! 😂

    1. Abbie says:

      Hahahaha! I KNEW IT! 😂 so bawal mawala ang cakes, EVER! 😂

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