Our First Kiss Happened Before Our First Date

shot on location at NEW WORLD MAKATI HOTEL for a company holiday party we organized (two of whom are with me here, from left: Katrina aka Iggy, myself, and Ava)
(Used this image as the wig I wore here closely resembled the hairstyle I donned when my husband and I had our first kiss.)

Is there an unwritten rule that you should have the first kiss only after you’ve started dating? If there were, my husband and I have broken it—and without intending to.

The First Kiss

Everything was a blur when the #architecthusband and I had our first kiss, perhaps because it was unexpected. And mostly because we were not yet dating at that time.

After the day we first met, JS (that’s my husband’s name—I’m stating it for the first time in my blog—another FIRST! 😊) and I have gone on getting-to-know-you “hangouts” (I described them hangouts and not dates because we always tagged friends along) and would continue to do so for a month. One night, we went to a Japanese film festival, then had dinner at a Japanese restaurant (how cliche!) with my friend and her friends (one of whom was celebrating her birthday). Because it was still early (midnight was still early for us at that time. Haha!), we transferred to a different place somewhere near home to continue the celebration. We only decided to go home around past two in the morning.

JS, who’s always been a gentleman, offered to give me and two friends a ride home. I was the last person to be dropped off and before getting off the car, we had our usual “I had a great time, sorry we stayed out this late, yadda yadda yadda” conversation. When it was time to say goodbye, right before we would exchange our peck on the cheek (Yes, I kiss everyone on the cheek—even people I’ve only met!), we struggled to find which cheek to kiss (Damn you, new bob with bangs! But, thanks as well. Haha!), and for some odd reason, the kiss landed on our lips! We were stunned, to say the least.

We froze for a few seconds before I was able to manage a hearty laugh to kill the awkward moment. Js then profusely apologized. I told him it was okay and that I knew it was unintentional.

I can’t remember if I was able to sleep right away that night. But my friend knew something was up because every time we’d go out, we’d have our usual recap over text (Yes, TEXT! Direct message and Facebook messenger weren’t a thing yet at that time.) before going to sleep. But that night was different. It slipped my mind to send her a good night text message. And without me saying anything, she called the next morning to ask what happened. That’s when I told her the story of the “sweet, innocent, and accidental” first kiss JS and I had. And I knew I’d never hear the end of it.

The First Date

Two weeks after our accidental first kiss (I really think that incident boosted his confidence. Hahaha!), JS finally asked me out on a date, just the two of us. No bestfriends, friends, or whoever. It was a little bit different from his usual tea or ice cream hangout invitations.

I was ecstatic, to say the least. JS’ style was different, I could say he was a bit of a torpe (shy with the opposite sex) in my dictionary. So, going out for an exclusive “food trip” (Yes, that’s the word he used to invite me that night—that’s what we still use to this day since we do love to eat.) was something I’ve been looking forward to having since we first met.

That night, I got home from work at around nine in the evening. I took a shower and it took me forever to decide what to wear. JS arrived a little bit early—I haven’t even decided what shoes to go with my whole pink-polo-cinched-with-a-thin-white-belt-and-white-pants ensemble yet (HAD to describe how dainty I looked)!

It was unusual for me to worry about what to wear on a date. Heck, I even found it unusual for me to be looking so conservative! That was a first for me, to be honest.

While I was busy looking my best, JS was being interviewed by, none other than, my father. As to what JS told me, their conversation went something like this:

JS: Good evening po.
PAPA: Good evening. San kayo pupunta (Where are you going)?
JS: Mag-fu-food trip lang po (We’ll eat out).
PAPA: Saan (Where)?
JS: Sa Bellevue po.
PAPA: ??
JS: May gift certificates po kasi ako (I have gift certificates).
PAPA: ???
JS: Dun po kami sa Vue Bar, masarap po kasi pagkain dun (We’ll dine at Vue Bar because the food there is good).
PAPA: Aaaahhh.. Okay. Enjoy kayo.

If I were there, I’d die laughing. Funny, because would you allow your daughter to be taken to a hotel on a date? Hahahaha! But my parents need not worry because JS was always a gentleman.

When we arrived at Vue Bar, we were escorted to our table by our very bibo (enthusiastic) waiter. The whole time JS and I were talking, the waiter would butt in every now and then about the food, “Ay masarap po yan, (that’s delicious)” or the singer, “Ah yun po yung singer talaga (that’s the singer,” and we weren’t even asking for his opinion!

We were even close to singing at the stage! Honestly, I wanted to sing that night and show JS my singing prowess (Hahaha!). But that’s not how we were. There was no need to impress each other as we showed who we really were right from the start. Because I was being shy that night, I tried to push JS to sing instead. The singer asked him what type of music he liked—if it were Chris Brown or Kanye West (Soooo not his musical taste—thankfully, we have the same taste in music: The Beatles, Matisyahu, Queen, etc.). Buwahahahahaha!!! I couldn’t contain my laughter that night. I looked at JS and I thought to myself “Hmmm.. He could really pass as an RnB singer! Hehehe.”

That night was the beginning of our wonderful dates, whether planned or spontaneous, sowsyal (lavish) or tipid (budget) meals. To this day, I could never imagine myself going out on dates with anyone but JS.

How about you? Do you remember your first date and/or first kiss? How was it? Was it as awkward as ours? Do you think the first date should precede the first kiss? Feel free to share your thoughts (or stories!) below, send me a direct message on Instagram or email me at Our “Love Month” isn’t over yet, so, please, indulge me! Thank you!


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