The Real Reason I Left My Job Right After I Got Promoted

shot on location at THE FARM AT SAN BENITO for my 33rd birthday celebration in July 2018
(My husband took this photo. Love how it portrays why I chose to become a homemaker/ home manager—to be at peace, for my happiness to shine through, and to be with family 😍)

I handed my resignation letter just days after my promotion was announced (It was a fulfilling eight-and-a-half-year journey with three promotions, one job reclassification—from starting out as a public relations assistant and exiting as a projects supervisor—hundreds of friendships formed, and thousands of lessons learned). In the letter, this was my reason for leaving: “I will be streamlining the operations of our design and construction business, while pursuing my personal passions in social enterprise and wellness, and cultivating our homelife.” Every word in that statement was true. Though everything is still a work in progress.

Months before I quit, I knew my job no longer “sparked joy” in me as it used to. I have always been the kind of person who would only do things because I wanted to and not because I was forced to. Ask the #architecthusband, my parents, or those closest to me and they would agree in a heartbeat. (I’m stubborn, I know, but I am also very decisive.) I guess I’ve been lucky that the things I needed to do—whether at work or at home—have always been in line with my values and principles. Or, not to brag, but the choices I’ve made and my intuition have always directed me to the right path.

That feeling of ‘dissatisfaction’ (not ‘unhappiness,’ because I was still happy—the company and my team were awesome!) did not go away even if I found out about my promotion. My reason for leaving that time, which I thought was the reason, was not the reason at all, I now conclude (Did you follow? 😂). All along, I thought there was something that needed to change in that situation to make me stay. Now I’ve realized, regardless of the situation—I was the one who needed to change.

All I could think of now was how much more was I really willing to give up just to climb that corporate ladder? How much disappointment would I let my husband take every time I would go home past midnight or choose work over spending quality time with him and our son? How long would I want to live that kind of life where each moment seemed only to be fleeting?

It has almost been eight months since I handed that resignation letter—our design and construction business is still not without a flaw (I don’t think it will ever be, and that, in itself, is perfect! Who wants a perfect business? How boring! 😂), but we’ve completed two projects, one is ongoing, and at least three in the pipeline, so far; have dipped my toes (and fingers, quite literally!) in cooking and baking; learned and still learning more about essential oils and overall wellness; got trained in currency trading (and about to go live in a few days, just let me finish my three-year backtesting assignment, first! 😂); opened/ made small investments; joined various community-building groups; taught our son the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and how to further annoy his father (LOL!); spent and still spending quality uninterrupted time with my husband and son every single day (though some days are tougher especially when I’m PMS-ing, like today. Sorry, TMI!); and created and published this blog, which you have patiently read all the way down here. Haha!

How about you? What changes have you gone through recently and how did they impact your life? I would love to read your stories—share them below, direct message me on Instagram (and you just might get featured at my weekly #FeedbackFriday post), or email me at Thank you!


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  1. I love this post. My daughter’s middle name is Abbie ❤ I also left my well paying job to dedicate more time to my family. It was the hardest decision I ever made but well worth it. I was also moving up the ladder yet I felt like I was missing too much at home. Recently I started a new endeavor and it has brought up many great questions from my very intrigued 7 year old. My favorite one is a very interesting conversation about Santa about why he doesn’t provide all wanted toys to a child, some get less. I had to choose my words wisely because she still believes in him yet teach her that not all parents can afford things and they help him out but we can too. It was tricky but now she is on a mission herself to make a difference. My days workload has doubled for the time but I am okay with that.


    1. Abbie says:

      Thank you, Jenny! And thanks for sharing your story! Indeed, leaving a job you love is a difficult decision to make, but knowing it’s for the benefit of your family makes it all worth it.

      You did great, regarding that conversation with your daughter. I guess that’s something I won’t encounter as we don’t celebrate Christmas in our religion, but that’s an entirely different topic to discuss, I can imagine: “mama, how come we don’t believe in Santa?” 😂

      Again, so happy for you, Jenny! You’re an amazing mom! 😍

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