To The Father Of My Son

shot on location at SELGA RESIDENCE for our maternity shoot in 2016

Two years ago, I posted the @architecthusband’s unsung hero’s fatherhood story. Every single word in that piece still holds true to this day. And every single day, I thank God for blessing me with a kind, funny, gracious, and selfless man for a husband and a father to my son.

When my husband and I were still dating, I used to be the cheesy one. I remember I even gifted him a tiny dictionary (wow, couldn’t I get more creative?) where I highlighted random words that reminded me of him and challenged him to look for all those words. I can no longer remember what those exact words were, but I’m pretty sure in our more than two years of being parents, that vocabulary has already expanded.

I wish there was an app that would type in words all the wonderful things I would describe my husband, but that’s just my lazy self talking. Haha! JS is not perfect—far from it. But he is a good man with a kind heart. And anyone, and I really mean anyone, would agree.

Ever since we got married, it was JS who has been diligent in writing love letters—probably because I would always look for a card whenever he hands me gifts: “walang card (Where’s the card)?” I remind him all the time how much I love handwritten letters and that I’m so sentimental, I’ve kept all the letters and notes he gave me throughout the years (he gifted me with boxes where I could keep the letters and he was surprised how ecstatic I was. Haha!).

I always look forward to JS’ notes such as this one. This was for his birthday gift and the message was particularly directed to my decision to hand in my resignation letter.

Now, I’ve been writing this post for weeks and really wanted it to be ready for Father’s Day, but, then again, real-life commitments got in the way. Hahaha!

So, this is my message to Architect JS Selga, the father of my son.

Dearest B,

Thank you.
Thank you for choosing to be with me on this parenting journey.
Thank you for choosing us over a more comfortable life of a bachelor.
Thank you for your sacrifices to be able to provide us good lives, your son and I.
Thank you for your patience when I was losing mine, for your understanding when I was being difficult, and for setting aside your pride for I would never do so.

I am sorry.
Sorry for not being the ideal wife—you know, the quiet and obedient type every husband could ever dream of.
Sorry for not being the sweet and caring mother to our son—you know, the perfect “Stepford” mom.
Sorry for not having Martha Stewart skills like you—in cooking, cleaning, organizing, entertaining.
Sorry for acting like a kid sometimes (?)—overly excited, easily annoyed, has short attention span.

I love you.
I love how happy and content you are with your life—our lives, and that our family’s happiness and welfare always come first.
I love your passion in your life’s work and that you get up every day enjoying what you do—no matter how stressful it is.
I love how you love God above all else and that your faith in Him never falters regardless of what stage we are in.
I love how you love being a son, brother, and friend, but mostly for being a devoted husband and father.

You have a short temper. You have your mood swings. You have your bad days. But your goodness and love and your kindness and selflessness always far outweigh your imperfections. And I would never want to have what we have—and will have—any other way.

I love you, B! Always have and always will. 😘

PS: Thank you for reading this until the end! Decided to post this only here in my blog because I find it easier for me to be vulnerable here than on social media (I don’t know why. Hahaha!). I also sent this to my husband first and if only my handwriting were legible, I would have handwritten this. Hehe…

How about you? What do you love most about your husband/ partner/ father/ father figure? How did you celebrate him last Father’s Day? I would love to read your story! Feel free to leave a comment below, send me a direct message on Instagram, or email me at Thank you!


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  1. This is so sweet!! I also love you acknowledge the good and the bad!

    1. Abbie says:

      Thank you so much, Amy! When you love someone, you accept the whole person, both the good and the bad. 🙂

  2. This is adorable. My fiancé loves getting cards and letters with handwritten messages from the kids and I. He keeps them all in his drawer and secretly reads them again sometimes. Men always act tough but they love knowing they are appreciated.

    1. Abbie says:

      Aaawww.. That is so sweet! We should put the cards and letters somewhere more accessible, right? For instant pick-me-upper! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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