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shot on location at BALAY INDANG during our wedding in 2015 aka #AllYouNeedIsLove2015

Hello there! This is Abbie and thank you for dropping by. I originally wanted my tagline to read “A homespun blog redefining home life,” but my #architecthusband JS (or #PapaBear) asked me “why redefining home life?” What am I redefining? And why should I? He then proposed the phrase “hilarity in reality,” because, according to him (and to the rest of my loved ones) that’s what I’m good at: seeing the funny side of everything.

And that’s what you can mostly expect from this blog. No, this is not a comedy blog (though I may be sharing some personal jokes here and there), rather, this will be a collection of things or stories that make me happy (my relationship with God, my husband and our son #BigBoyJesse (formerly referred to as #LittleBoyJesse), my family and friends, life goals, volunteering, food, spa, horror/ thriller/ suspense movies, The Beatles, my love for essential oils and baking—they don’t necessarily have to go together, but why not?—and such) and moments worth remembering (breastfeeding, attending and/or organizing events, conducting and/or creating trainings on topics I have knowledge of either formally or informally, and the like). I must warn you about my randomness—I could be sharing real-time updates one day and throwback photos and stories the next, but one thing’s for sure: I will be sharing in this space what’s critical to my happiness in the hope of inspiring joy in you, as a reader, as well.

Got a burning question or you just want to say hi? Feel free to email me at (Why am I still on Yahoo!? Hehe…). I will do my best to reply the soonest. Thank you and I hope you find something useful (or funny. Or both.) around here.

PS: If you’d like to know how I came up with my blog name: B Equals Happiness and to read about a few more tidbits about me (and get to share yours as well!), click here.

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