Free Yoga for All

I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. Whenever I would be in the zone, I would practice every single day—even going as far as hiring a yoga teacher or squeezing in a group yoga class despite my hectic schedule. That’s the “love” part. The “hate” part is whenever I would feel too lazy to practice, especially at home. Primarily because back then our #BigBoyJesse would always invade my evening yoga sessions at home.

Why We Fell In Love with Essential Oils and How We Use Them

One of the things I looked forward to writing about when I launched B = Happiness in March 2019, was my love for essential oils. Unfortunately, I was not able to sustain the momentum in blogging because I was offered to return to my corporate job, so writing took a backseat. But not oiling! Oh, NEVER oiling. Haha! Though I was not able to blog, I founded Oh, Happinest–our safe space where we share about all things oils, wellness, and happiness.

I Left My Husband for the Second Time

This will probably be the most open and controversial blog post I will write and share. But I feel it’s something that needs to be talked about. The first time I left my #architecthusband was in January 2019. A few weeks right before his birthday. Cruel, I know. I am confrontational and JS is not. “Frank,” “straightforward,” and “tactless” may even be the best terms to describe me. By “confrontational,” that means I say what’s in my mind whenever I want to, mostly without thinking of the other person’s feelings. But I can do it so casually without being emotional. JS is a different breed. He is careful, sensitive, and thoughtful—traits I clearly do not possess. But when he gets angry, he can say the harshest words even if he doesn’t mean them.

What I Learned From My Parents’ 41 Years of Marriage

“Abbie, please edit my Facebook caption of my wedding anniversary greeting for papa,” my mother, Annie, sent me via chat really early yesterday. “Sumakit yun ulo ko. Kain muna ko ah. (I think I’m having a headache just reading your run-on sentences. Hahahaha! I’ll eat breakfast first.)” I told her her message was not wrong, but her flow of words could be improved. Apart from social media and tech-savviness (😂), that simple exchange displayed my mama’s humility and her trust in me. How apt! Those are two of the many things needed in ensuring a happy marriage—things I’ve clearly learned from my parents’ 41 years of being Mr. and Mrs. Their journey was never boring, that I can attest to, so I’m sharing here some of the things it taught me about marriage—both what it is and what it is not.

To The Father Of My Son

Two years ago, I posted the #architecthusband’s unsung hero’s fatherhood story. Every single word in that piece still holds true to this day. And every single day, I thank God for blessing me with a kind, funny, gracious, and selfless man for a husband and a father to my son. When my husband and I were still dating, I used to be the cheesy one. I remember I even gifted him a tiny dictionary (wow, couldn’t I get more creative?) where I highlighted random words that reminded me of him and challenged him to look for all those words. I can no longer remember what those exact words were, but I’m pretty sure in our more than two years of being parents, that vocabulary has already expanded.

10 Things I Hate About Raising A Child

I don’t hate raising a child or being a parent, OK? I originally wanted to name the title “10 Things I Hate About Parenting,” but the #architecthusband JS made me realize that “parenting” is such a broad and deeper concept, which goes beyond child-rearing. It’s true, in our almost 28 months of being parents, what we know and still learning are nothing compared to what our own parents have gone through while raising us.

My Husband Wrote A Note On A Pizza Box—It Was How He Proposed

This is not a paid ad nor did this take place in partnership with a pizza franchise. This is our proposal story. We recently found out that my dear friend and former colleague, Sara, is getting married and got engaged a few days before our friend Nikki’s wedding last October 2018. We now dub it as “Sara And Her Secrets.” Haha! Didn’t notice her engagement ring, which she wore on a different finger as it was a few sizes bigger, she confessed. 😂 This brought me back to the day the #architecthusband proposed to me at Yellow Cab Pizza, one of our go-to local pizza joints.

What’s Cookin’? Ginataang Tilapia With Mustasa Leaves Recipe

I am no cook. Didn’t undergo any training nor attend any cooking class. So, if you’re looking for Michelin-star recipes and beautifully photographed food, you will be disappointed. But, if you’ve just started learning how to cook like me or if you like reading no-BS recipes and laughing at other people’s struggles at cooking, then this is a great place for you to hang out.

[GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED] The Giving Giveaway: Avengers Endgame – A Benefit Block Screening Event

Thank you to all who participated in MNF’s benefit block screening event of Avengers: Endgame in support of providing school supplies to children of Dibut Elementary School in San Luis, Aurora, Philippines! Congratulations to Tanny aka @honeylockheart for winning two tickets to the Avengers: Endgame benefit blockscreening event on April 28 at Glorietta, Cinema, Makati City! Special thanks to Our Makati for supporting this giveaway! Until the next one! 😊

The Real Reason I Left My Job Right After I Got Promoted

I handed my resignation letter just days after my promotion was announced (It was a fulfilling eight-and-a-half-year journey with three promotions, one job reclassification—from starting out as a public relations assistant and exiting as a projects supervisor—hundreds of friendships formed, and thousands of lessons learned). In the letter, this was my reason for leaving: “I will be streamlining the operations of our design and construction business, while pursuing my personal passions in social enterprise and wellness, and cultivating our homelife.” Every word in that statement was true. Though everything is still a work in progress.