Our First Kiss Happened Before Our First Date

Is there an unwritten rule that you should have the first kiss only after you’ve started dating? If there were, my husband and I have broken it—and without intending to. Everything was a blur when the #architecthusband and I had our first kiss, perhaps because it was unexpected. And mostly because we were not yet dating at that time.

No, We Don’t Have It All Together

I’m sorry to burst your bubble. As I type this (in my Notes on iPhone), it is almost midnight and I’m in bed embraced by the half-asleep #architecthusband while our two-year-old #LittleBoyJesse is on the other side of the bed, finally asleep. Our kitchen sink full of dirty dishes is waiting for me downstairs (which I plan to get to after I finish this draft), piles of laundry need to be sorted for laundromat drop-off, bathrooms begging for a deeper clean, wardrobe cabinet biding its time before it gets fully “#konmari-ed,” essential oil blend recipes yet to be prepared, to-dos for passion projects in slumber before they get moving, and the list goes on.

Do You Remember The First Time You Met Your Partner?

I know I do. I remember it as if it were only yesterday and it has been almost a decade since it happened. Back then, it was a challenge to find a place where a pesco-vegetarian could have something decent to eat—where fish and chips were not the staple. So, I was surprised to learn about a neighborhood burger joint that served mushroom burgers. The only mushroom burgers I knew and enjoyed eating at that time required a long drive to Tagaytay. I thought: “who on earth (or in the South area, at least) would put up a mushroom burger joint in Las Piñas? Not many appreciate the taste of mushrooms!”

How I Came Up With My Blog Name: B Equals Happiness

The reason behind the blog name “B = Happiness” is somewhat corny. Okay, it IS corny. “B” is me and the #architecthusband’s term of endearment since our boyfriend-girlfriend days. It’s that simple. More than five years ago, I already created a blog in Tumblr with the same name, where I just posted funny conversations between me and my husband, who was still my boyfriend at that time. Sadly, I was not able to keep the blog alive (because we ran out of funny things to say to each other—KIDDING! Facebook was to blame—it was so convenient to post status updates, so I found myself posting on social media more often than logging into Tumblr), so Tumblr had to take it down—but the content is still intact (making a mental note to download everything and send to my email as backup), thank God!

Why I Refuse To Be Labeled A “Stay-At-Home” Or “Full-Time” Mom

Because is there really a mother out there who “stays” at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Or before one qualifies as a “full-time” mom, is there even a “part-time” one? Right after I resigned from my legal marketing job of eight and a half years, I made a personal appearance at my bank to update my billing address and contact number. The female bank associate asked me if I wanted to get a life insurance. I politely declined as we already have one (my husband and I already got ourselves insured even before we got married and we’re currently looking for another one that has medical and accident insurance add-ons for our family) and I told her that I still needed to look at our finances as I have already left my job.