To The Father Of My Son

Two years ago, I posted the #architecthusband’s unsung hero’s fatherhood story. Every single word in that piece still holds true to this day. And every single day, I thank God for blessing me with a kind, funny, gracious, and selfless man for a husband and a father to my son. When my husband and I were still dating, I used to be the cheesy one. I remember I even gifted him a tiny dictionary (wow, couldn’t I get more creative?) where I highlighted random words that reminded me of him and challenged him to look for all those words. I can no longer remember what those exact words were, but I’m pretty sure in our more than two years of being parents, that vocabulary has already expanded.

My Husband Wrote A Note On A Pizza Box—It Was How He Proposed

This is not a paid ad nor did this take place in partnership with a pizza franchise. This is our proposal story. We recently found out that my dear friend and former colleague, Sara, is getting married and got engaged a few days before our friend Nikki’s wedding last October 2018. We now dub it as “Sara And Her Secrets.” Haha! Didn’t notice her engagement ring, which she wore on a different finger as it was a few sizes bigger, she confessed. 😂 This brought me back to the day the #architecthusband proposed to me at Yellow Cab Pizza, one of our go-to local pizza joints.

Our First Kiss Happened Before Our First Date

Is there an unwritten rule that you should have the first kiss only after you’ve started dating? If there were, my husband and I have broken it—and without intending to. Everything was a blur when the #architecthusband and I had our first kiss, perhaps because it was unexpected. And mostly because we were not yet dating at that time.