How I Came Up With My Blog Name: B Equals Happiness

The reason behind the blog name “B = Happiness” is somewhat corny. Okay, it IS corny. “B” is me and the #architecthusband’s term of endearment since our boyfriend-girlfriend days. It’s that simple. More than five years ago, I already created a blog in Tumblr with the same name, where I just posted funny conversations between me and my husband, who was still my boyfriend at that time. Sadly, I was not able to keep the blog alive (because we ran out of funny things to say to each other—KIDDING! Facebook was to blame—it was so convenient to post status updates, so I found myself posting on social media more often than logging into Tumblr), so Tumblr had to take it down—but the content is still intact (making a mental note to download everything and send to my email as backup), thank God!