Hello there!

You are here because you either visited the Oh, Happinest Facebook page and clicked the Sign Up button (whether intentionally or accidentally 😂) or stumbled upon the Oh, Happinest Instagram or a friend of yours proactively shared this page with you. It could also be because you Googled Young Living— a miracle happened and this appeared in the search results. Haha!

Whatever your reason for being here, WELCOME! 🤗 

If you’d like to know our WHY behind Oh, Happinest, please read this: https://bit.ly/OhHappinestWelcome.

Otherwise, let me go ahead and explain to you what that Sign Up button is all about.

The Young Living Philippines Premium Starter Kit (PSK)

It’s no secret that me and my family use Young Living essential oils (if you’re curious about how our ‘oils thing’ started, click here.), so far there are seven of us in the family, not yet including our awesome friends in the tally (and counting! We’ll never really know exactly who or when someone wants to sign up 😂), who are Young Living members.

There are two ways to become a Young Living member:

1) You sign up by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit (PSK). Depending on the country you’re from (because Young Living is a global company), the kit usually has 11 bottles of 5ml essential oils and essential oil blends (Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Copaiba, Peppermint, Citrus Fresh, Panaway, Digize, Thieves, Raven, and Stress Away), a three-in-one ultrasonic diffuser with different lamp settings, two packs of wholefood drink (Ningxia Red), 10 empty sample bottles (for when you want to share the goodness and give away to family and friends!), and other accessories;

2) Sign up with a Basic Starter Kit (BSK). It has no diffuser but it contains one 5ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil blend, two packs of wholefood drink (Ningxia Red), and a few accessories.

Both options will grant you 24% DISCOUNT TO ALL of Young Living products FOREVER (yup, no monthly or annual fees whatsoever!), access to private online groups for recipes, communities, testimonials, studies, etc., and invitations to exclusive trainings and events, to name a few.

If you already have a family member or friend who invited you to Young Living, please go back to them so they could guide you in signing up.

If you’re here out of your own free will (😅), you may proceed to sign up here:  https://bit.ly/OhHappinest. The numbers in the ENROLLER and SPONSOR fields are my MEMBER ID 18021853‬, which mean that you’d like for us at the Oh, Happinest team to guide you and be with you in your oily journey. We’re a fun-loving tribe, I tell you! But, just a warning, we tend to be noisy in group chats (especially during giveaway time, which is EVERY MONTH!) when everyone else is almost asleep. If that floats your boat, by all means, do JOIN US! 😂

Thank you and happy oiling! 🥰😍